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This is a Linked Data server forked from Pubby that adds an HTML interface and dereferenceable URLs on top of RDF data that sits in a SPARQL store. GeoPubby Architecture


In addition to Pubby, GeoPubby supports the following features:

Sample Screen

GeoPubby Architecture

Installation instructions

Deployment using Apache Tomcat

GeoPubby can be deployed on an Apache Tomcat webserver.

To so so:

  • Clone this repository
  • Build the GeoPubby .war application using maven
  • Deploy the warfile on an Apache Tomcat Webserver

Deployment using Docker

GeoPubby can be deployed using Docker.

To do so:

  • Clone this repository
  • Build the Docker container using the Dockerfile included in this repository

GeoPubby configuration

GeoPubby can be configured using the same configuration options included in Pubby.

Please consult the Pubby homepage for further information.