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Count_reads_denovo.pl - This script takes sam files from Bowtie2 (one per biological replicate) and outputs tab separated list where the first column is the name of the contig and the values are the read counts per sample (in the same order as you listed your sam files). The script will print out sample ids only if the users provides them.

The script filters results based on pair relationships reported by Bowtie2 (Concordant pairs (CP), discordant pairs (DP), unpaired mates (UP), and mateless reads (UU)). These classes are used to ensure that no fragment is counted twice (e.g. for each mate separately) and that no fragment is counted as aligning to more than one contig. The pair relationships are defined in Bowtie2 documentation http://bowtie-bio.sourceforge.net/bowtie2/manual.shtml#sam-output.

Below are diagrams of acceptable or unacceptable alignments.

Alt text Alt text

The user can filter alignments further by adjusting the minimum MAPQ. MAPQ, as reported by Bowtie2, indicates the ambiguity of an alignment by comparing the alignment score of the current alignment to the score of the next best alignment. A score of 0 indicates that the next best alignment has the same score as the current alignment (e.g. we have no evidence that this alignment is more correct than another alignment). The default MAPQ filter for this script is 10 indicating the mate has a 1 in 10 chance of actually aligning elsewhere. If the MAPQ filter is set to 20 then, to be counted, all mates must align with at least a 1 in 100 chance of actually aligning to the reported position.

Below is a decision diagram for Count_reads_denovo_test.pl

Alt text


   perl Count_reads_denovo.pl [options]
    Documentation options:
      --help    brief help message
      --man     full documentation
    Required options:
      -s        sam files produced by Bowtie2
    Filtering options:
      -m        minimum MAPQ
    Output options:
      -l        labels for samples
      -o        output filename


   --help, -h
           Print a brief help message and exits.

   --man   Prints the more detailed manual page with output details and
           examples and exits.

   --sams, -s
           A comma separated list of sam files produced with Bowtie2 (one
           per biological replicate).

   --mapq, -m
           The minimum MAPQ. Alignments with less than a 1 in 10 chance of
           actually being the correct alignment are filtered out by
           default. This is a minimum MAPQ of 10.

   --labels, -l
           A comma separated list of labels for samples (one per sam
           file). These will be printed as headers on the top of the
           output counts file.

   --out, -o
           The filename for the output counts file. The default filename
           is counts.txt.



   git - see http://git-scm.com/book/ch1-4.html for instructions (git is
   used in the example workflow below but the script and example sam files
   can also be manually copied from github

Test with sample datasets:

git clone  https://github.com/i5K-KINBRE-script-share/RNA-Seq-annotation-and-comparison

cd RNA-Seq-annotation-and-comparison/KSU_bioinfo_lab/Count_reads_denovo

mkdir results

perl Count_reads_denovo.pl --sams samples/sample1.sam,samples/sample2.sam,samples/sample3.sam --labels sample1,sample2,sample3 --mapq 15 --out results/test