Inform 7 extensions -- some may be ready for public use, others may be barely working experiments. Enjoy!
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Aaron Reed Add Small Kindnesses by Aaron Reed. Sep 25, 2018
Alice Grove Common Commands Sidebar: change rock to rock number Oct 25, 2016
Andrew Owen Add Secret Doors by Andrew Owen, updated for 6M62 Jul 19, 2017
Andrew Plotkin Create Serial And Fix.i7x Nov 23, 2017
Andrew Schultz Fix folders with dashes Dec 9, 2015
Brady Garvin Code cleaning, change of one phrase to a relation, and a slight tweak… Mar 4, 2014
Chris Conley Minor adjust for 6M62, mainly CB May 1, 2017
Creative Commons unicode Feb 19, 2015
Daniel Gaskell Create Volumetric Limiter.i7x Apr 17, 2017
Daniel Stelzer Create Helpful Functions.i7x Nov 28, 2017
Dannii Willis Gargoyle doesn't support GTF in its published versions yet Mar 25, 2018
Dave Robinson Add Snippetage by Dave Robinson. Sep 25, 2018
David Corbett Update Mobile Doors to 6L02 Jul 10, 2014
David Cornelson Compatibility updates for 6L02. May 13, 2014
David Ratliff Compatibility updates for 6L02. May 13, 2014
Edward Griffiths Compatibility updates for 6L02. May 13, 2014
Emily Short Whitespace May 15, 2018
Eric Eve Minor changes to get it to compile with Complex Listing by Emily Short. Jun 8, 2015
Erik Temple Undo Output Control: Add Unified Glulx Input compatibility; fix serio… Sep 2, 2017
Free Software Foundation 6L02 required a "" => "" change. Other license exten… Feb 10, 2015
Friends of I7 Move the GGRecoverObjects() patch from GEP to 6L38 Patches Jan 15, 2015
Gavin Lambert Exit Lister by Gavin Lambert - updated version info so it actually co… Nov 4, 2014
Jeff Sheets FW: rename 'rock' to 'rock number' so that stories can have objects c… Oct 3, 2016
Jesse McGrew Updated Dynamic Objects to version 8 Feb 8, 2015
John W Kennedy Compatibility updates for 6L02. May 13, 2014
Jon Ingold corrected date in the version number Apr 16, 2017
Juhana Leinonen Example compatibility with I7's extension project feature Dec 31, 2015
Leonardo Boselli Update Conversation Suggestions IT.i7x Aug 15, 2014
Marc von der Heiden New extension "Distantly Visible Things" Jun 7, 2014
Mark Tilford Compatibility updates for 6L02. May 13, 2014
Massimo Stella Update Italian Language.i7x Aug 15, 2014
Matt Weiner Create Responsive Disambiguation for 6M62 Aug 7, 2018
Michael Callaghan Use date version for Questions by Michael Callaghan Apr 5, 2016
Michael Martin compatibility for 6M62 Jun 21, 2017
Mikael Segercrantz Replace "change X to Y" with "now X is Y", and bump version number to 2. Sep 21, 2017
Mike Ciul Update Unknown Word Error to work properly with oops. May 31, 2017
Nate Cull Compatibility updates for 6L02. May 13, 2014
Nathanael Nerode Nathanael Nerode/Character Portraits.i7x: fix line breaks Oct 8, 2017
Nels Olsen Initial versions Jan 19, 2016
Peter Orme [object descriptors] Simplified code - rulebook producing lists of te… Sep 7, 2015
Ron Newcomb Fix slight typos Jun 3, 2014
Sarah Morayati Compatibility updates for 6L02. May 13, 2014
Sean Turner Removes dependency on Plurality by Emily Short. Just a single phrase … Sep 23, 2017
ShadowChaser Compatibility updates for 6L02. May 13, 2014
Shin Add Points Awarding Reloaded Aug 5, 2015
Taryn Michelle I6 global include change (again) Feb 7, 2014
Wade Clarke 6L38 compatibility update Dec 28, 2014
Xavid Handle error messages for commands that end in .s better. Sep 25, 2018 Add a link to the I7 public library. Dec 2, 2014

The Friends of Inform 7 extensions group

Here you'll find many Inform 7 extensions -- some are ready for public use, others are barely working experiments. Enjoy!

If you would access to the repository to add your own extensions, please ask here:

It may help to know that the I7 Public Library of extensions (integrated with the 6L38 IDE) can be found at:

If you find a bug in any of these extensions, or indeed in any Inform 7 extension at all, please make a new issue and we may be able to help. The purpose of the group is that we can all work together to maintain and develop these extensions. Sharing the load will make it easier on us all, while experienced programmers can help those just starting out.