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import sys
import json
import gearman
import tornado
import logging
import chardet
from itertools import islice
from urlparse import urlsplit
from collections import defaultdict
from pyquery import PyQuery as pq
from time import time, sleep
from tornado import ioloop, httpclient
from tornado.options import options, define
# set default encoding to utf-8
default_user_agent = 'GearNadoBot 0.10'
logger = logging.getLogger()
class JSONDataEncoder(gearman.DataEncoder):
def encode(cls, encodable_object):
return json.dumps(encodable_object)
def decode(cls, decodable_string):
return json.loads(decodable_string)
class JSONGearmanClient(gearman.GearmanClient):
data_encoder = JSONDataEncoder
class JSONGearmanWorker(gearman.GearmanWorker):
data_encoder = JSONDataEncoder
class AsyncBatch(object):
def __init__(self, urls, callback, max_clients=15, batch_timeout_secs=150, request_timeout_secs=15, user_agent=default_user_agent, size_limit=1000000):
self._io_loop = ioloop.IOLoop()
self._async_client = httpclient.AsyncHTTPClient(self._io_loop, max_clients=max_clients)
# ensure url list is uniq
self._urls = set(urls)
self._callback = callback
self._request_timeout_secs = request_timeout_secs
self._size_limit = size_limit
self._user_agent = user_agent
self._num_urls = 0
self._num_received = 0;
# timeout and end the loop after timeout_secs
self._io_loop.add_timeout(time() + batch_timeout_secs, self.timeout)
def timeout(self):
logger.warn('AsyncBatch timed out with %s url(s) remaining' % (self._num_urls - self._num_received))
def queue_url(self, url):
http_request = httpclient.HTTPRequest(str(url), connect_timeout=5.0, request_timeout=self._request_timeout_secs,
headers={'User-Agent': self._user_agent});
self._async_client.fetch(http_request, lambda response: self.callback(url, response))
self._num_urls += 1
def callback(self, url, response):
response_utf8 = None
if response.body is None:
logger.debug('empty response received for %s' % url)
elif (len(response.body) > self._size_limit):
logger.debug('%s exceeds size limit of %s bytes' % (url, str(self._size_limit)))
# force utf-8, we don't much care about pages with other encodings
response_utf8 = response.body.decode('utf-8', 'replace').encode('utf-8')
self._callback(url, response, response_utf8)
except Exception, e:
logger.exception('callback exception - parsing %s failed %s' % (url, e))
self._num_received += 1
if self._num_received == self._num_urls:
def run(self):
host_counts = defaultdict(int)
for url in self._urls:
hostname = urlsplit(url).hostname
host_counts[hostname] += 1
if host_counts[hostname] < 3:
logger.debug('skipping %s, already have 2 urls for %s' % (url, hostname))
if self._num_urls > 0:
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