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Super Meat Boy Multi-Language Loader

For unknown reason, locale of Super Meat Boy is limited in English, German, Russian, Spanish, Polish.
Even worse, you can't select locale if game is non-Steam version (like SMB from Humble Bundle)

With this application, you can choose all of locales from Super Meat Boy.

Supported locales:
Debug*, English, Japanese, German, French, Spanish, Italian, Korean, Chinese, Portuguese,
Chinese-Fontonly**, Russian, Polish.

*: It will print key of text.
**: Seems it loads Chinese fonts but doesn't load texts.

Launch exe file with parameter
SuperMeatBoyMultilangLoader.exe --language=Korean --smbpath="SuperMeatBoy.exe"

or create ini file that has same name as exe(SuperMeatBoyMultilangLoader.ini) with this content:


For choosing language, please see Support locales from upper side of this readme.
(note: it's not case-sensitive.)

If you want launch game directly from Steam, rename loader to SuperMeatBoy.exe, and rename original
SuperMeatBoy.exe to SuperMeatBoy_.exe

and create SuperMeatBoy.ini file with this content:

Used libraries:

I have used some libraries from web, here is list(also commented on class files).

- cIni (
- Memory and MemoryAPI class (
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