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Chorus add-ons

This repository contains the add-ons for Chorus.


In order to download an add-on, head to the add-on downloader and type in the text field the name of the add-on (case-sensitive).
Download the zip and extract its content in the chorus/addons folder.

Alternatively, download the whole repository as an archive from the green Code button and extract the desired add-on folder.


If you developed an add-on and wanted to make it public, make sure you added the required information (see here). If everything is set, create a pull request containing a folder named after your add-on, with the source files in it and, optionally, either a or README.txt file.
The add-on will be reviewed and eventually published.


  • chest-commands: ChestCommand format support: automatically load GUIs from configuration files.
  • color-changer: Change global color tone and saturation by moving a menu.
  • discord-rich-presence: Discord status / rich presence support for Windows and Linux.
  • items-viewer: A simple grid-based menu that displays all the available items.
  • music-player: A simple music player.