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| 2D Puppet v1.1 |
| Developed by: iAreNubcake |
A simple 2D Puppet program developed in python and pygame.
This puppet program was designed so that users may simulate a 2 dimensional
puppet for use with Omegle, Chatroulette, or any other purpose they see fit.
It currently supports basic mood changing, eyebrow raising, blinking and
winking, and basic mouth controls. It does not currently support any sort of
simulated video device.
Changing Moods (Note: pressing a key sets the active mood)
(Note: changing moods changes the eyebrow style and idle mouth)
1 - Sad
2 - Happy
3 - Angry
Raising Eyebrows (Note: raises are active while the key is held)
Q - Left eyebrow
W - Both eyebrows
E - Right eyebrow
Closing Eyes (Note: blinking and winking remain active while the key is held)
A - Left eye (wink)
S - Both eyes (blink)
E - Right eye (wink)
Controlling Mouth (Note: the mouth shape will remain changed as long as the key
is pressed)
Z - Wide open
X - Circular open
The config file can be edited to modify the background color and positioning
of a puppet. Currently, each property has a definition of its own instead of
combining related elements (ie: x=1, y=2 vs pos=(1,2)). This will be changed
in a future update.
Keys cannot currently be customized.
Known Bugs/Issues
- Does not currently support camera simulation for easy use as webcam
- Does not support key customization
- Does not support mouse button usage
- Does not support custom backgroung images
Programming - iAreNubcake
Mr Derp Artwork - iAreNubcake
Miss Malorie Artwork - MintySweet
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