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A simple farming game made with Python and PyGame.

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Nubcake Farms 
Alpha v0.3
Nubcake Games

This readme contains the basic information you will need in order to play
the game. While much of the information is common sense, I have also included
other random pieces of information about the game, such as growth times.

Lastly, while I know the game is cheesy, try to enjoy yourself. xD
I did, after all, only make this game for experience with PyGame, as this was
my first PyGame creation. Source code, along with the most recent version,
can be found here: NO WEBSITE YET

| Controls |

Arrow Keys  - Move the farmer and navigate menus.
Space       - Interact with objects.
              Includes: watering land, planting seeds, etc.
Escape      - Closes the shop if it is up, or closes the game if it isn't.

| Game Info |

You will interact with whatever resides in the block directly in front of you.
Seeds code 2 gold each.
Wheat sells for 3 gold each.
Wet plots of land will dry after 15 seconds if nothing is planted in them.
Wheat has 3 stages of growth that each last 5-10 seconds.
Wheat should be harvested when it reaches the 4th stage.

| Credits |

Programming	- iAreNubcake
Artwork		- Renyrda

* People Reference
*** iAreNubcake - Aaron Ferrell
*** Renyrda - Shallyn Roberts

| Created With |

Sublime Text 2
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