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Nubcake Farms
Change Log
Nubcake Games
Most recent versions at the top.
| Alpha v0.3 |
Farming (Wheat) Update
+ Added the ability to farm wheat.
When the player interacts with a watered plot of land, if they have at
least 1 seed, they will plant wheat. Wheat progresses through stages
1-3 taking 5-10 seconds on each stage. Upon reaching stage 4, the
wheat can be harvested by the player, and thus sold to the shop. When
the wheat is harvested, the plot of land it was on becomes dry.
+ Added drying functionality to plots of land.
If a plot of land is watered, but remains unoccupied for 15 seconds,
it will become dry again.
= Changed image for shop to reflect what a shop should look like moreso.
- Removed debug functionality of the [Tab] key.
| Alpha v0.2 |
Shop Update
+ Added HUD images for seeds and wheat.
+ Added debug key to test the shop.
Pressing [Tab] will give the player 1 wheat.
= Changed shop functionality to function as a shop instead of a well.
When the player interacts with the shop, it opens an interface that
allows the player to buy seeds and sell excess wheat. The player can
navigate the shop by using the up and down arrow keys and pressing
the space bar to make a choice. Alternatively, [Esc] closes the shop.
| Alpha v0.1 |
Initial Release
+ Added basic level generation from a text file. Interprets various
characters as different objects, and generates the level accordingly.
A randomly generated background of grass will also be generated.
+ Added the Farmer. Moves with arrow keys, interacts with space bar.
+ Added HUD. Shows values of seeds, wheat, water, and gold. Water and
gold have images, while seeds and wheat do not.
+ Added the well. Refills watering can upon interaction.
+ Added the shop. Refills watering can upon interaction.
+ Added bigger watering can. Increases max water and changes hud image
for watering can upon pick-up.
+ Added plots of land. Plots of land can be watered upon interaction
if the player has at least 1 water.
+ Added fences. Fences will automatically connect with nearby fences in
order to improve visual appearance.
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