Jupyter NoteBooks to get you boosted with the basics of python with hands-on-practice.
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Python - TheNoTheoryGuide

This is TheNoTheoryGuide to Python.

The guide is built using jupyter notebook. Thus, one can just clone the repo and start practising right away.

The guide starts from the very basics of Python and moves into the advanced topics.


Basics | [View on Github] | Collab NoteBook

Conditionals | [View on Github] | Collab NoteBook

Loops | [View on Github] | Collab NoteBook

Strings | [View on Github] | Collab NoteBook

Lists | [View on Github] | Collab NoteBook

Tuples | [View on Github] | Collab NoteBook

Dictionaries | [View on Github] | Collab NoteBook

Functions | [View on Github] | Collab NoteBook

Classes | [View on Github] | Collab NoteBook

Files | [View on Github] | Collab NoteBook

Exceptions | [View on Github] | Collab NoteBook

Importing Datasets | [View on Github] | Collab NoteBook



Things to keep in mind while using this guide

Use this guide along side a book if you are not already familiar with concepts of Python or basics of Programming.

If you are revising the concepts of Python, then you can just clone the repo and get started with it in no second.


  1. Jupyter

    How to install jupyter

    If you have Python3 installed

    python3 -m pip install --upgrade pip
    python3 -m pip install jupyter

    If you have Python2 installed

    python -m pip install --upgrade pip
    python -m pip install jupyter

How to use this guide

  1. Clone the repo
git clone https://github.com/iArunava/Python-TheNoTheoryGuide.git
  1. Move to the cloned directory
cd Python-TheNoTheoryGuide/
  1. Start jupyter from the directory where that directory
jupyter notebook
  1. Navigate to the notebook you like to practice :)



The project is distributed under the MIT License.