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An Implementation of the Official Google Homepage. Project by - TheOdinProject
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This project is an implementation of the Official Google Home Page. Though, it can be quite done if one pops open the dev-tools. But, this was not the case for this project. The project was made in an effort to learn and get familiar with website development, mainly the idea where, given a design (say, by a web designer) to convert it to a working website.

Project From

The Odin Project's curriculum

How true was the developer of this project

The project was asked to be developed with a rule that said not to pop open the dev-tools.

So was the dev-tools poped open ?

To be very truthful, the dev-tools was popped open only 2 times.

  1. To get the link for the Google Image
  2. To get the link for the favicon.ico


Thanks for looking forward to make this implementation more better.

  • To contribute, go ahead and open a pull request.
  • Be patient, it may be a while before your pull request is reviewed, as there are not much maintainers of this project.
  • And, lastly, a rule holds to make a contribution to this project, which is: Do not copy code from the Official Google Homepage
    The code here is an implementation of the Official Google Website, and not a copy. And, thus the contributors are expected to not copy paste code from the Official Google Website. (Though, the maintainers may overlook due to lack of time, still remain true to yourself and the community)


This Project is distributed under the MIT License.

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