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iMap4 - Spatial mapping of eye movement data (e.g., fixation map) using Linear Mixed Models


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Download iMap4.mlappinstall and intall the toolbox as a Matlab Application. Example codes and dataset could be found in ./Data_Sample_with_codes/

Please read the wiki for more information of how to use the toolbox.

Citing iMap4

Lao, J., Miellet, S., Pernet, C., Sokhn, N., & Caldara, R. (2016). iMap4: An Open Source Toolbox for the Statistical Fixation Mapping of Eye Movement data with Linear Mixed Modeling. Behavior Research Methods. doi: 10.3758/s13428-016-0737-x

Published papers using iMap4 (Updated manually)

Bovet, J., Lao, J., Bartholomée, O., Caldara, R., & Raymond, M. (2016). Mapping female bodily features of attractiveness. Scientific Reports, 6, 18551. doi: 10.1038/srep18551

We provide a subset of the data from this study as a demo of iMap4, see wiki

Kuchinke, L., Dickmann, F., Edler, D., Bordewieck, M., & Bestgen, A. K. (2016). The processing and integration of map elements during a recognition memory task is mirrored in eye-movement patterns. Journal of Environmental Psychology, 47, 213-222. doi:10.1016/j.jenvp.2016.07.002

Geangu, E., Ichikawa, H., Lao, J., Kanazawa, S., Yamaguchi, M., Caldara, R., & Turati, C. (2016). Culture shapes 7-month-olds' perceptual strategies in discriminating facial expressions of emotion. Current Biology, 26(14), 663-664. doi:10.1016/j.cub.2016.05.072

Sokhn, N., Bertoli, F., & Caldara, R. (2017). A left eye bias for female faces. In Knowledge and Smart Technology (KST), 2017 9th International Conference on (pp. 274-278). IEEE.

Blais, C., Fiset, D., Roy, C., Saumure, R. C., & Gosselin, F. (2017). Eye Fixation Patterns for Categorizing Static and Dynamic Facial Expressions. Emotion doi:10.1037/emo0000283

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The development of this toolbox was supported by the Swiss National Science Foundation (n° 100014_138627) awarded to Dr. Roberto Caldara