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Because your specific Linux implementation can vary wildly from others, this guide is just a general overview. A fantastic thread by Wilsoncd2 can be found [here] ( which may provide ideas for your Linux configuration.

  1. Extract PlexConnect
  2. Create Certificates and install them on the AppleTV and PlexConnect server
  3. Run PlexConnect


  1. Extract the PlexConnect archive you [downloaded earlier] ( Place the folder in a location of your choosing. A good default path is "/usr/local/lib/PlexConnect".

  2. Generate the SSL Certificates.
    Use the [Mac Certificate Guide] (

  3. Run PlexConnect by first opening a terminal window, cd to your install path, then type the following:

sudo ./

Provide your Administrator password to complete PlexConnect startup.

You should now see messages like these in the terminal window: (Mac images shown, Linux will be similar) PlexConnect Terminal Write down the IP_Self: ###.###.###.### address as you will need it for the next step.

You can now minimize the Terminal window.

To shut PlexConnect down cleanly use CTRL-C (do not just close the Terminal window).

For manual configuration and advanced features see the [Advanced Settings page.] (

If you wish to run PlexConnect as a daemon then please see this page.

[Return to Install Guide] (

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