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Now working towards v0.6. Yes, there are things to come... For beta-testing grab the latest from PlexConnect on github.

PlexConnect v0.5

Major improvements:

  • Revamped Audio/Music handling (for iOS>=7.0. That version got a new XML audio player... thanks Beats!)
  • GUI improvements: Fanart, Backgrounds... (needs PIL/Pillow library for Python)
  • Playlists support (video/audio): continuous play, shuffle, also for TVShow/Season/Episodes
  • Save ATVSettings.cfg after changes

Known issues:

  • Missing support for Plex Home
  • No news on subtitles/stacked files replay over v0.4

PlexConnect v0.4

High level changelog:

  • Channels working in MyPlex
  • Refresh sections on servers via the ATV (press and hold select when the sections highlighted)
  • Validation of settings.cfg file (incorrect settings revert to default)
  • Flatten seasons if only one is present
  • Ability to run PlexConnect as a service on Windows (see support/Win folder - note: requires install of pyWin32 for your specific version of Python)
  • Create a more relevant template for Home videos sections as opposed to reusing the Movies template
  • Support Plex dialogue boxes
  • Subtitle renderer
  • Stacked files: notify PMS of correct time to resume on other client
  • GUI: library view options for Grid, Bookcase

Known issues:

  • Subtitle renderer: sync issue after RW/FF/jumping in the file - currently blaming PMS/transcoder?!?
  • Stacked files: resume into subsequent parts - aTV's "playlist" doesn't seem to support that.
  • Audio replay: only one song in a row. :-(
  • Portuguese localisation - fixed in commit 6c00e3b.

PlexConnect v0.3.1

PlexConnect v0.3

High level changelog:

  • MyPlex / shared content support
  • Multi user support
  • Now playing support
  • Trailers for movies
  • Use 'iMovie Theatre' or WSJ app instead of 'Trailers' app
  • Use PlexConnect to add SSL cert to ATV
  • PlexConnect daemon for Linux, OSX, aTV (jailbroken)
  • Cloud synch supported

PlexConnect v0.2

High level changelog:

  • UI improvements (including 'On Deck' and 'Recently Added' shelves)
  • Unwatched episodes badge
  • Boost audio option
  • Fix for TS files playback
  • Clock on player controls
  • Channels working (mostly)
  • iTunes video plugin working
  • Music section working (experimental, 2nd version)
  • iTunes music plugin working (experimental as above)
  • Stacked files working
  • multiple PMSs on network
  • Block ATV firmware updates option (for those using PlexConnect's DNS server)
  • Localisation with about 10 languages (thanks for the translations!)

PlexConnect v0.1

Deprecated: v0.1 does not feature the SSL enhancement, that Apple forced on aTV 27Aug. This release is of no use any more...

The PlexConnect 0.1 series will be the last release to support firmwares 5.01 and 5.02 (only one small update is planned for this to support proper resuming on these firmwares).

High level changelog:

  • Initial point release
  • Support for ATV firmwares 5.0-5.2.1
  • Movie section list view navigation
  • Movie section grid view navigation
  • Movie section pre-play screen
  • More button on Movie pre-play screen gives you access to pivot (navigate via the genres/actors/directors)
  • TV section with list view navigation
  • TV section grid view navigation
  • TV section list or cover-flow navigation for series
  • Home movie section working
  • Settings page on the ATV
  • Automatic update of watched/unwatched status for media
  • Manual update of watched/unwatched status for media (hold down select button)
  • Direct play working
  • Direct streaming working
  • Transcoding working
  • Transcoder quality settings choice e.g. force transcoding at a certain level for LAN or WAN
  • Audio track selection (on pre play screen)
  • Subtitles working (select on pre-play screen)
  • Subtitle size setting
  • Transcoding working using new universal transcoder
  • iTunes DRM'ed video files working (this is not possible with other Plex clients)
  • Automatically determine PMS IP
  • Supports use of unblock DNS services, such as Unblock-US
  • Supports use of distributed model (PMS and PlexConnect on different machines)
  • iPhoto channel working
  • Photo section working
  • Use of multiple ATV's on network
  • Ability to disable GDM and manually specify server
  • Ability to use own DNS server
  • Ability to use own web server
  • Ability to change posters using aTV.
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