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If you are a Python developer and want to contribute code then the roadmap below may help you identify specific areas for pull requests.

PlexConnect v0.5-dev


  • Plex Home
  • Global Search
  • XML template structure rework (under the hood)
  • Tabbed playlist
  • Media Badges in preplay screen

Things to do...

Short Term... fix:

  • PMS SSL/encryption
  • Subtitle renderer: sync issue after RW/FF/jumping in the file - currently blaming PMS/transcoder?!?
  • Stacked files: resume into subsequent parts - aTV's "playlist" doesn't seem to support that.

Mid Term

Other ideas

  • Ability to delete files from PMS
  • Support indexed media files for fwd/rwd previews
  • Add "view transcoderstate" at start of playing (/resuming?) media file - similar to clock or end time
  • Fling media to PlexConnect (if it can be done well)
  • Pseudo random selection on pivot screens for genres (this would be better served based at the PMS end)
  • Pressing the play button on a season of a TV show will automatically play the first partially watched / unwatched episode
  • Built in update mechanism (see third party apps...)
  • Helper application(s) for OSX/Win/Linux (see third party apps...)
  • Global on deck section (aggregated local sections) at root of menu
  • MyPlex fast user switching
  • Separate media profiles for the ATV2 and ATV3 (reduce probability of transcoding on ATV3)
  • Utilise GZIP communication PMS->PlexConnect; enable/disable it depending on processor power vs network speed (LAN/WAN)
  • Implement log rotation based on date and/or size
  • Aperture plugin working
  • Audio offset option
  • Python 3 support
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