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Ryzen Instruction Monitor
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Ryzen Instruction Monitor

Lazy ass example for reading Ryzen Performance Monitor Counters (PMC) as defined in the Open-Source Register Reference For AMD Family 17h ProcessorsModels 00h-2Fh.


Currently reading the following counters:

  • IS: PMCx0C1 [Retired Uops]
  • BI: PMCx0C2 [Retired Branch Instructions]
  • LS: PMCx029 [LS Dispatch]
  • FP: PMCx0CB [Retired MMX™/FP Instructions]
  • FM: PMCx003 [Retired SSE/AVX Operations]
  • OI: IS-(BI+LS+FP+FM)

Displayed as "GI", meaning "Giga Instructions per Second".

Using WinRing0.

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