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PandaLove Website (Destiny/H5/Xbox APIs)

build status License: MIT

PandaLove was a website devoted to tracking our weekly raid Tuesdays, PVP destruction and more in Destiny. It quickly grew to be more than that supporting now 3 full games (Destiny, Halo 5 & Overwatch) with countless plugins from Xbox API, Google Hangouts, Calendar and more.


  • Destiny
    • Profile Pages
      • Character gear
      • Light, playtime
      • Unbroken Games list
    • Post Game Carnage Reports
      • Score, Kills, Deaths, Assists, KD, KDR
      • Comment System
      • "Drunk Mode" - games added but not shown to visitors
    • Trials of Orisis complete card tracking/analytics
      • Random Map support
      • Determines boone usage based on win count
      • Support for games that enemy team quits out
      • Combined analytics of all trial matches
    • Xur Module
      • Determines Xur loadout, API endpoint for Google Hangouts
    • Grimoire Module
      • Determines grimoire over API for any user
  • Destiny 2
    • Profile Pages
      • Character gear
      • Light, playtime
  • Halo 5
    • Profile Pages
      • Warzone (Overview, Medals, Weapons)
      • Arena (Overview, Playlists, Seasons, Medals, Weapons)
      • CSR Percentile
    • Post Game Carnage Reports
      • Quick Game Facts
      • Per Team Analytics
      • Game MVP
      • Medal Overview
      • Per Spartan Stats (Medals, Weapons, Killed By, Killed)
    • Enhanced Post Game Carnage Reports
      • Chart of kills over time, points labeled with kill/death
      • Timeline of every weapon drop/pickup/kill/death
      • Top down maps (PRIMA licensed maps, restricted to admin panel)
      • Round module for round based games like Elimination
    • KD Over time charts
      • KD/KAD for Arena/Warzone of just clan members.
      • Updated daily before clan members time on Halo 5 reached none.
    • API Module
  • Overwatch
    • Profile Pages
      • Current Season analytics
      • Historic seasons as they end (nothing retroactive)
      • Per Character stats for seasons
  • Xbox
    • Validation System
      • Prove ownership of gamertag by using "motto" field for unique code
    • Online System
      • Checks active PandaLove members for online status via bot
    • GUID recording
      • Allows easier gamertag changes
  • Calendar
    • Event module
      • Create games for Destiny, Halo5 & Overwatch
      • RSVP via API in Google Hangouts
      • Make event via API in Google Hangouts
      • Specify character being used for Destiny
    • Calendar module
      • UI on website for clan members to view calendar
  • Google Hangouts
    • Alert module
      • Can send private messages at 15m and 5m till event to remind attendees
    • Association module
      • Google id allows look up of validated gamertags for easy API updates
  • API
    • Hangout module
      • Communicates with plugins to a Google hangout bot
      • Bot sits in chat awaiting /bot commands
    • Update module
      • Update Destiny stats via /bot destiny
      • Update Overwatch stats via /bot ow
      • Update Halo5 stats via /bot h5
      • Update Destiny2 stats via /bot d2



  • Get ready to go online and register for 3 API keys. Some sites don't have instant activation.
  • Go here - Get an XboxAPI API Key and put it in XBOXAPI_KEY in .env file.
  • Go here - Get a Destiny API Key and put it in BUNGIE_KEY in .env file.
  • Go here - Get a Halo API Key and put it in HALO5_KEY in .env file.
  • Go here - You don't need an API key for Overwatch, but be reasonable. Toss the dev some money.
  • Go here - You need the OAUTH keys harvested from an account.
  • Now we need to utilize those APIs to get some data. If you don't have API keys for the above 3 systems. This will fail.
    • php artisan halo5:batch-metadata
  • Go here - "Create a Project"
    • After creating project on Google Developer go to "Enable APIs and get credentials like keys"
    • Find "Google+ API" and enable it. Then click on it. Click "Credentials" on sidebar.
    • Create a "Web Application" application to get "ClientID", "Client Secret" and redirect URL.
    • Redirect URL will be $URL/auth/callback. In the case of php serve - http://localhost:8000/auth/callback.
    • Once created replace GOOGLE_REDIRECT with the RedirectURL in .env file.
    • Replace GOOGLE_ID with the ClientID in .env file.
    • Replace GOOGLE_SECRET with the Client Secret in .env file.

How to install (PHP 7.0)

  • Get Composer
  • Get NodeJs
  • curl -o- -L | bash
  • cp .env.example .env
  • php artisan key:generate
  • php artisan clear-compiled
  • npm install
  • composer install && yarn install
  • sudo npm install -g gulp
  • cd node_modules/semantic-ui; gulp build; cd ../..;
  • Create DB and user and add to .env
  • Go do API stuff above
  • php artisan migrate
  • php artisan db:seed
  • php artisan halo5:batch-metadata
  • php artisan serve

How to install (Docker)

  • docker-compose up --build
  • docker exec -it pandalove bash
  • (context inside that container)
  • cp .env.example .env
  • composer install
  • yarn install
  • npm install -g gulp
  • cd node_modules/semantic-ui; gulp build; cd ../..;
  • Go do API stuff above
  • php artisan migrate
  • php artisan db:seed
  • php artisan halo5:batch-metadata
  • visit localhost:8080 in browser


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