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@SimpleServer @KDevLab @MIUICzech-Slovak @ChameleonOS @TheTree
Andrew White ngrst183

Student at Renton Technical College

Seattle, Washington

Justin Swanson geeksunny

I write code and have two cats.

Chicago, IL

Basil Arackal BasilArackal

CTO @LmntrX A Tech Geek with INTP Personality

LmntrX India

Mohammad Farhadzadeh mfarhadzadeh

Security Resaercher and Programmer ;)


Brian Kerr ibuprophen1

U.S. Army (Retired)

Computech 2000 Upstate New York, USA

Shyky2011 Shyky

Copyright(C) 2011-2017 Shyky Studio.

环球易购电子商务有限公司 深圳市南山区

Shur Shur-Lin

Android Developer


Justin Mazzola jmazzola

I code stuff that usually has to deal with breaking things

United States

Kanishka Kan1shka9

Netizen, Information Security Enthusiast


Sim Sun simpleton

Hello World

Xmonster Inc. Shanghai, China

泡在网上的日子 NoteBlog

Read The Fucking Source Code.

Handan Hebei.

Max Rumpf Maxr1998

I am an 18-year old developer from Germany who loves tinkering on a variety of projects, but I see myself at home in Android development. (Multiple apps / mods)

Maxr1998 Germany

Salvatore Ferranti kajinka13

...non so cosa so, ma certamente so cosa non so

Arancino Software Roma

vivek007 vivekoo7

Security Researcher

Vu Tran baysao

@saobacdau Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam

Enming XIE frogoscar

微信公众号:程序员联盟 (id: ProgrammerLeague) Paris, France

Rammer huoguangjin

专业卖萌 业余写代码


lv lvyong

BeiJing China

Codios eterrao

Success is like being pregnant, everyone congratulates you but no one knows how many times you got fucked.


PoorDiaoser 704225995

I am a poor Diaoser。