@iCaspar iCaspar released this Dec 15, 2017

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Adds auto-updating, SASS source style files, minified CSS, and compressed images.

This release lays a lot of under-the-hood groundwork for implementing of mobile-friendly CSS grid enhancements and for the transition to a more extensible object-oriented framework architecture.

@iCaspar iCaspar released this Oct 23, 2015 · 122 commits to master since this release

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This maintenance release fixes the following issues:

  • Restores white background around page content to page entries.
  • Fixes styling error on comment number display on traditional tapestry entries (home and archive pages).
  • Fixes default tapestry not registering on author pages.

@iCaspar iCaspar released this Oct 15, 2015 · 122 commits to master since this release

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Fix missing white background on traditional tapestry on homepage and archive page entries.

@iCaspar iCaspar released this Oct 13, 2015 · 129 commits to develop since this release

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Arras is a little like your uncle's vintage Ford Mustang. You hang onto it because it's a piece of nostalgia, even though it's dated and not as efficient as just getting a new car.