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Tentative AM Schedule

Morning session - "Career development for computational biologists: How five computational evolutionary biologists succeed in their careers"

9:15-10:30: Plenary talks - five biologists speak about their work. Each panelist will give a short talk about what type of research they do, what type of institution they are at, and what mentorship, funding, research, and teaching look like for them.

  • Sara Handy - Center for Food Safety and Applied Nutrition, U.S. Food and Drug Administration
  • Luay Nakhleh - Department of Computer Science, Rice University.
  • C. Brandon Ogbunu - Ecology and Evolutionary Biology, Brown University
  • Stephanie Spielman - Department of Biological Sciences, Rowan University
  • Mallory Choudoir - Indigo Ag

10:45 - Noon: Panel discussion - Audience and prepared questions.

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