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iExec Proof of Contribution - [hub + PoCo + marketplace] smart contracts
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Build Status

Introduction to PoCo

PoCo Series #1 — About Trust and Agents Incentives

PoCo Series #2 — On the use of staking to prevent attacks

PoCo Series #3 — PoCo protocole update

PoCo Series #4 — Enclaves and Trusted Executions

PoCo Series #5 — Open decentralized brokering on the iExec platform



how to build

npm install
./node_modules/.bin/truffle compile

how to migrate

choice 1 :prepare ethereumjs simu

start ganache with


You must see someting like this at the end of the log

Listening on localhost:8545

choice 2 : prepare Local geth node

Pull the the following docker image

docker pull iexechub/iexec-geth-local

start container

docker run -d --name iexec-geth-local --entrypoint=./ -p 8545:8545 iexechub/iexec-geth-local

wait to see in logs the word : LOCAL_GETH_WELL_INITIALIZED :

docker logs -f iexec-geth-local

Your local geth network is ready, you can launch your truffle action

choice 1 or 2 then : it will deploy smart contracts according to the 2_deploy_contracts.js content.

./node_modules/.bin/truffle migrate

how to test

choice 1 or 2 then launch one test :

./node_modules/.bin/truffle test test/000_fullchain.js

choice 1 or 2 then launch ALL tests :

./node_modules/.bin/truffle test
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