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The iExec pools registry, more below on how to list your Worker Pool!
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iExec Pools Registry

In order to list your Worker Pool on the iExec Pool Registry, you need to make it into the iExec Pools Registry. But relax, it's very easy:

Once you created and deployed your iExec WorkerPool using the iExec SDK, here are the 5 steps that remain to enter this registry:

1. Github Fork this repo

click on the github "Fork" button and git clone the forked repository on your local machine.

github fork

2. Create 2 new folders

  • One organization folder at the root [MUST match your github user or github org name]. Ex: /iExecBlockchainComputing.

  • One folder for your pool inside your org folder [MUST match your pool name]. Ex: /iExecBlockchainComputing/MainPool.

3. Validate

Enter your pool folder, and run the below command to check its config:

  • iexec registry validate workerpool

4. Commit

Once the validation is successful, you can commit & push your pool config.

  • git add iexec.json deployed.json logo.png
  • git commit -m 'adding my MainPool workerpool'
  • git push

5. Github Pull Request

clic on this button to create a Pull Request (from your forked master branch TO iexec-pools-registry master branch):

github pull request

We'll review you Pool and if it meets all the above criteria, it will be added to the iExec Pool Registry!

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