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A simple logstash plugin for Zabbix
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VEEERY basic (but useful) logstash monitoring plugin for zabbix


  • Check if logstash service is up or down on the machine and alert with a trigger
  • Stats about the number of events (in/out/filtered)
  • Check if there are failures and alert with a trigger
  • Stats about the Java heap memory


  • Python 2/3 on a logstash node with zabbix agent installed


This only needs to be setup on the logstash node

Zabbix Agent

  • Copy to agent scripts folder
  • Copy logstashzabbix.conf to conf.d or add UserParameter to your agent config

Zabbix Frontend

  • Import the XML template (supports zabbix 3.2 and greater)
  • Add node to the newly imported template

Important note

This is a very little and basic plugin I wrote to monitor my resources. I just wanted to share this if you also need a handy and simple plugin to check some logstash info.


This plugin is published under GNU General Public License v3.0. Feel free to use and modify this as you need.

Copyright (©) iFedix 2017

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