A neat JS socketio wrapper that takes a dozuki Socketio roomid and slack webhook url and forwards all notificatoins recieved on that websocket.
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This is a tool for forwarding dozuki realtime notifications to Slack.

To build:

npm run build

To run:

node dist/bundle.js

However, I recommend running bundle.js as a daemon using a tool like forever or pm2:

forever start dist/bundle.js


Simply replace the config options with the desired options for your user. You can grab the socketioRoom App variable from App.socketioRoom at your respective dozuki site. Webhook urls can be generated at the slack site: https://api.slack.com/apps.

  1. Copy config.example.js to config.js
  2. Create a new app
  3. Enable incoming webhooks
  4. Add new webhook to workspace 3a) Add permission to Post to yourself
  5. Copy webhook URL to this config.js
  6. Visit your dozuki homepage
  7. Open your devtools and grab App.socketioRoom. Insert the variable into your config
  8. Make your 'baseUrl' to the Url of your Dozuki homepage (no trailing slash)

How It Works

This app has three main stages: Listen, format, forward.

1) Listen

It opens a websocket connection to the dozuki RTN server (wss://realtime.dozuki.com). On connection it emits a subscribe message to the socketio rooms specified in the config

2) Format

Right now, the Dozuki RTN server serves HTML. The hackiest part of this app extracts the notification text and link from the HTML. This all happens in /src/destructure-notification.js. The function takes the notification html and returns a { text, link } object.

3) Forward

After we have the notification text and url (optional), we use request to curl the slack webhook with our payload.