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Update master before starting a new feature.

We were doing this already with `hotfix start`; why weren't we doing it
with `feature start`?
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1 parent e42c56d commit 6ea8be0f4f647f376e044e5104734668af3d578f @xiongchiamiov xiongchiamiov committed Feb 1, 2013
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@@ -18,9 +18,12 @@
exit if !confirm("Create feature branch named: '#{feature}' ?")
+ Git::run_safe("git checkout #{Git::development_branch}")
+ Git::run_safe("git pull --rebase")
Git::run_safe("git branch \"#{feature}\" #{Git::development_branch}")
Git::run_safe("git checkout \"#{feature}\"")
Git::run_safe("git submodule --quiet update --init --recursive")
# Automatically setup remote tracking branch
Git::run_safe("git config branch.#{feature}.remote origin")
Git::run_safe("git config branch.#{feature}.merge refs/heads/#{feature}")

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