A quick and dirty memory usage profiler for PHP.
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MemLog: A quick and dirty memory usage profiler for PHP


MemLog can be used to log memory usage of your PHP code over time, with the intention of helping you locate where you're running into memory usage problems. It is not a full-featured profiling tool like Xdebug or Webgrind.

MemLog writes out data to a log file, which can be analyzed with another tool (or by hand if you wish, it's just pseudo-JSON). Each line is a JSON array with the following fields:

[time since logging began, in seconds (float),
 current PHP memory usage, in bytes (integer),
 file name of the currently executing code, if any (string),
 class name of the currently executing code, if any (string),
 function name of the currently executing code, if any (string)]


Basic usage is as follows:

$memlog = new MemLog();
$memlog->start('My Terrible Code');

// ...your bad code eats gobs of memory...


Log files are saved with a base path of MemLog::$basePath, Unless you have a compelling reason, /tmp is a good choice for $basePath.

Log Viewer

Also included is a very basic MemLog viewer. You should not host the viewer on a production server, as it has some security concerns because it's a quick and dirty example of how you can show MemLog files in a meaningful way.


Patches and contributions are welcome. You can contact the author at bob AT ifixit DOT com.


MemLog is released as open source software under the zlib license. In a nutshell, this means you are free to use, modify, and redistribute it, regardless of whether your project is open source or proprietary. See the text of the zlib license in LICENSE for more information.

The included example viewer uses the dygraphs JavaScript charting library. Use of the included viewer is thus also subject to the dygraphs license.