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Eclipse Issue Tracker

This is the official issue tracker for Eclipse, a Web-based multi-system emulator. There is no source code on this repository.

Frequently Reported Bugs

All duplicate issues will be closed, so please check the issue tracker for your bug before posting. Here are some of the most common bugs reported and features requested:

How to Submit Feedback

To create a new issue (despite the name, it also applies to feature requests and enhancements), click here. Your title should be relevant to your issue/request. In your description, provide any screenshots, errors, and descriptions relevant to the issue. You should also include steps to recreate bugs (if applicable), as well as your browser, operating system, and system version.

What Not to Do

The following should never be done:

  • Being Vague Please be descriptive in what the issue entails. If it's a bug, describe the bug as stated above. If it's a feature, describe it and provide any concept art (if applicable).

  • Duplicates If your issue is already open, don't make another issue. Instead, describe that you are experiencing the same issue in a reply to another entry. To view current issues, click here.

  • Close Prematurely If you are closing an issue, you are agreeing that it is no longer needed (example: a bug fix was implemented). If you are closing it, please say why.

  • Report Vulnerabilities with GitHub If you have a possible security flaw, contact a member of Zenith directly, such as @HeyItsShuga or @magnetardev on Twitter. We don't want anyone abusing a vulnerability before it's fixed!

  • Making Duplicates In order to make things easier to navigate, we ask that you only make an issue if it hasn't already been made. This helps keep things tidy for us.


Eclipse has a built-in debugger. You can either tap-hold or right-click the settings button or go to settings and scroll down to the debug section. The debugger offers the ability to clear cache, report a bug from in-app, view issues, and run a web inspector. If you ever find any issues with Eclipse and want to help make things easier for us, we recommend that you use the web inspector to see if there are any errors in the console that may be related to your issue.

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