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A debugger for reverse engineers, crackers and security analyst. Or you can call it damn, why are raspberries so fluffy or yet, duck warriors are rich as fuck. Whatever you like! Built on top of pyqt5, frida and some terrible code.

Known Issues

  • JavaTraceView is distorted
  • JavaTraceView shows weakref/handle instead of value

We are working on Dwarf 2.0 release


pip3 install dwarf-debugger


pip3 install


Debugging UI (attach wizard)


Debugging UI (straightforward)

dwarf -t android com.facebook.katana
dwarf -t android 2145
dwarf -t ios 2145
dwarf -t local /usr/bin/cat /etc/shadow

Debugging UI (own agent)

dwarf -t android -s /path/to/agent.js com.facebook.katana
dwarf -t local -s /path/to/agent.js /usr/bin/cat /etc/shadow

Dwarf typings + injector

$ dwarf-creator
project path (/home/igio90/test):
project name (test):
Session type (local)
[*] L (local)
[*] A (android)
[*] I (iOS)
[*] R (remote)

append i to use dwarf-injector (ai | android inject)
> ai
target package (com.whatsapp)
> com.whatsapp

$ (./intelliJ || ./vsCode).open(/home/igio90/test)
    .echo('enjoy scripting with frida and dwarf api autocompletition and in-line doc')

$ ./dwarf if myOs == 'unix' else 'dwarf.bat'

Dwarf trace

dwarf-trace -t android --java$init com.facebook.katana

* Trying to spawn com.facebook.katana
* Dwarf attached to 19337 $init
    /data  -
    misc $init
    /data/misc  -

dwarf-trace -t android --native --native-registers x0,x1,sp open+0x32
dwarf-trace -t android --native --native-registers x0,x1,sp targetModule@0x1234
dwarf-trace -t android --native --native-registers x0,x1,sp 0xdc00d0d0
dwarf-trace -t android --native --native-registers x0,x1,sp popen

DwarfCore (source of core.js)

Core for the Python version of dwarf

Javascript | License | Become a patron | Slack