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iHRIS docs docker docker-fsh

Technical documentation has been started and is hosted at:


See the notes/ directory for additional installation instructions for development.
Installation instructions for supporting software is here. A docker version for simpler installation will be created soon.

iHRIS is built with a VueJS frontend and a NodeJS backend, both of which are included in this repository. To install, simply run git clone

From there, you will need to install the necessary npm packages. Navigate to the ihris-frontend directory and run npm install. Now, do the same for the ihris-backend directory.

The backend component relies on the presence of a fhir compliant server. The login credentials can be placed inside the config/baseConfig.json file for the backend component.

Running iHRIS

iHRIS is divided into two components, the ui frontend and a backend. To build the ui frontend, run npm run build. To start the backend, run npm run start.