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Crow!'s mod for the game Outpost 2: Divided Destiny.
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PhaseShift v0.5.0 May 1, 2019


Phase Shift v0.5.0

Phase Shift is a modification of Outpost 2 that alters the game flow in a number of ways.  Check Phase Shift Changes.txt for details.
It relies on OP2ext, which is included in the community build of the game, available at

The ZIP file is designed to be extracted directly into the installation folder for Outpost 2.  Then, run Outpost2.exe /loadmod PhaseShift to tell the game to use these modified game files.

An example Space Race map, Ohana, is also provided.  It depends on the Outpost Universe's SDK.

- Crow!

Version log:

Updated packaged Ohana map and scenario to version 0.5, which fixes some terrain, allows victory via either Starship launching OR Last One Standing conditions, makes the first common and first rare mine always the same variant, and replaces the backdoor 1-bar common with a 1-bar rare, and increases the initial metals for Medium and Low starting resources.
GitHub release now features Ohana's source code.
Common Ore Smelter, Rare Ore Smelter, and Robot Command Center costs reduced slightly.
Robot-Assist Mechanic tech removed.  Garage is now available with Cybernetic Teleoperation.
Advanced Robot Manipulator Arm's prerequisite is now Advanced Vehicle Power Plant.
Scout-Class Drive Train Refit cost up to 2800 (was 1800) and now requires Advanced Vehicle Power Plant.
All starship components (including the cargoes) cost 25% less common and rare metals.

Fixed a bug where the Diode Lasers upgrade couldn't be researched.
Structure Factory building cost and time reduced to be in line with the Command Center changes.

Replaced Ohana with version 0.4, which fixes a leaky northern wall on the SE base.

PhaseShift specific maps will now alert the player when a mine is running out.
A map specially designed for PhaseShift, Ohana, is now included with the mod!  (Bundled map version is 0.3)
Minor edits to Mine.txt to make it work better with the way the above mentioned alert is implemented.
Slight increase to mine "trickle" output after it has been depleted.
Initial maximum morale reduced; Medical Centers and the colony-specific morale topic effect on max morale increased.
	The important thing to know is that you must get something other than just Nursery and University to get beyond Poor morale.
Guard Post base price reduced.
Scorpion armor class is now None instead of Light.
Reduction of some buffs to Scorpion-related research rates.
EMP missile research cost and maximum scientist count increased.
Observatory's Scientist cost lowered.
Meteor Defense common metals, worker, and research cost lowered.

Fixed a crashing bug in the test map.

First usable release version.

I provide no guarantees of any sort for this mod.
Outpost 2 is an old game, written before many modern coding safety nets existed, and this mod makes the game behave differently than the developers intended; crashes are not out of the question.  Use these scripts at your own risk.
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