Mac OS X application to allow your Mac to be controlled by other devices on a HDMI bus, given the right hardware.
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What is it?

Couch Slouch allows, with the appropriate hardware, control of your Mac through the Consumer Electronics Control (CEC) protocol on the HDMI bus. More info on CEC here.

In plain English: Use your TV's remote control to control your Mac!

Couch Slouch requires Mac OS X 10.8 (Mountain Lion) to build and run.

What is the "appropriate hardware"?

Currently, the only supported device is the USB-CEC Adapter by Pulse-Eight.


Couch Slouch is licensed under three-clause BSD. The license document can be found here.


  1. Clone Couch Slouch using git clone --recursive git:// to make sure you get all the submodules too.
  2. If you got excited and cloned the repo before reading this, run git submodule update --init in the Couch Slouch directory to grab the submodules. If I get tickets about it not building and you haven't got the submodules checked out, you lose 5 internet points!
  3. Build away!