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What is it?

verify-string-files is a tiny little Mac command-line tool that verifies localized .strings files against the given "master" .strings file (typically the one in Base.lproj or your development language).

The tool will output problems (like missing strings in your localizations) as errors, warnings or notes that Xcode will pick up and display.

Combined with a custom build step in your Xcode project, it can be used to automatically give compile-time checked keys for your localised strings.


-warning-level error

alt tag

-warning-level warning

alt tag


verify-string-files is licensed under three-clause BSD. The license document can be found here.


  1. Clone verify-string-files using $ git clone git://
  2. Open the project and build away!


$ verify-string-files -master <strings file path> [-warning-level <error | warning | note>]

  • -master The path to a valid .strings file. Should be localized (that is, inside an .lproj folder and what's considered the "base" strings file for the project.

  • -warning-level The warning level to use: error, warning or note. Defaults to error.