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Lightweight CSS - Ready to be used in projects.


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Update: Archiving this project. Using tailwind css (and the ecosystem) for new projects


Lightweight CSS - Ready to be used in projects.

For Complete Reference

Changes in 0.8.3:

  • Changed spacing on mobile and non-mobile.
  • Fixed Animation for night mode toggle.
  • Changed .code
  • Moved min-width to .page
  • Removed letter-spacing for h1..h6
  • Fixed width issues on fieldset

Changes in 0.8.2:

  • Fixed dark mode and bright mode colors.
  • Fixed some transitions
  • Updated description
  • Removed font-weight:bold for h1..h6
  • Added toggle to toggle nightmode (this is only demo and not included with css)
  • Fixed versioning

Changes in 0.8.1:

  • Added '.night', moved away from css auto-detect dark mode
  • Removed 'success', 'danger' like classes and added 'secondary','complementary' colors"
  • Added 'btn-group'
  • Pagination now aligns to center as the default (thats how I use them :/)
  • Changed 'hide' and 'show' from modifying display to modifying opacity & pointer-events (Hiding in plainsight)

Changes in 0.8:

  • Added dark mode (beta)
  • Changed aesthetics

Changes in 0.7.4:

  • Removed customised checkbox and radio buttons, using browser defaults instead

Changes in 0.7.3:

  • Nav-search classes added. Size updated

Changes in 0.7.2:

  • Font-weight correction

Changes in 0.7:

  • Created "system" font-face and use that by default
  • Fixed some of the typos.

Changes in 0.6:

  • Fixed IE (10+). Grids in IE use float and width=X%.
  • Changed color Palette

Changes in 0.5:

  • Removal of extra class and hierarchy
  • Moving towards HTML5 Semantic elements slowly

Changes in 0.4.5:

  • Change in page structure.Now .page holds everything.
  • .page is flex-based now.
  • The three mandatory children of .page are nav, main and footer

Changes in 0.4.3:

  • Some color changes.
  • Removed media query for .btn

Changes in 0.4.2:

  • Changes in css reset.
  • Changed default font.
  • Page Structure: page -> container -> row -> cols for grids.

Changes in 0.4:

  • Changed box-sizing:inherit to box-sizing:border-box on *
  • Use of system fonts as default font
  • Changed box-shadows

Changes in 0.3:

  • Complete re-write with no base font size(px) and totally rem based
  • Added :hover effects on form elements.
  • Updated color Palette (added colors for hover states)
  • Minor sizing changes (padding / margin / borders / shadows) due to migration to complete rem-based units.


Lightweight CSS - Ready to be used in projects.







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