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Pneumatic is a minimalistic, responsive Pelican theme. The name was chosen because it's based on the Skeleton framework, and pelicans (like most birds) possess skeletal pneumaticity. See the theme in action at

Pneumatic Screenshots

Here's a summary of Pneumatic's selling points:

  • 100% JavaScript-free by default (minus legacy IE compatibility scripts).
  • No authors, categories, or tags — full minimalism!
  • Configurable sidebar icons via Font Awesome.
  • Responsive layout (sidebar turns into a header on small devices).
  • Modern system font stack based on San Francisco and Segoe UI.
  • Optional Google Analytics and Disqus integration.

Note: To use the older version of the theme whose font stack was based on Google Fonts, refer to pneumatic@v1.0.


  • Install Sass and two Pelican plugins: Neighbours and Assets. These are required dependencies.

  • Create a directory containing all of the relevant icons. Set ICONS_PATH to that directory's path (ex. images/icons) and ensure that it has been added to STATIC_PATHS.

  • There are intentionally no author, category, and tag page templates, so AUTHORS_SAVE_AS, CATEGORY_SAVE_AS, CATEGORIES_SAVE_AS, and TAGS_SAVE_AS should all be set to ''.

  • pygments.css can be modified to change the code block colour scheme.

  • Some font and colour choices can be customized in pneumatic.scss.

  • CodeHilite line numbers should be enabled in Pelican's configuration file:

    # Pelican 3.7+
    MARKDOWN = {
        'extension_configs': {
            'markdown.extensions.codehilite': {'linenums': None}
    # Pelican 3.6 and older
    MD_EXTENSIONS = ['codehilite(linenums=None)']

Here are theme-specific settings that should be present in the Pelican configuration file:

Setting Description
SITENAME Text displayed under avatar in sidebar
BIO_TEXT Text displayed under site name
FOOTER_TEXT Text displayed in site footer
ICONS_PATH Location of site icons (ex. images/icons)
SITE_AUTHOR Used for author <meta>
TWITTER_USERNAME Used for Twitter Cards <meta>
GOOGLE_PLUS_URL Used for Google+ <meta>
INDEX_DESCRIPTION Used for description <meta> on index page
SIDEBAR_LINKS List of anchor elements to be displayed under bio text
GOOGLE_FONTS List of fonts to import from Google Fonts (optional)
SOCIAL_ICONS List of tuples in the form (link, title, icon-class)
THEME_COLOR Primary colour of the site (ex. #000000)
DISQUS_SITENAME Disqus shortname (optional)
GOOGLE_ANALYTICS Google Analytics tracking code (optional)
DOMAIN Used for Google Analytics and Twitter Cards <meta>
FA_EMBED_CODE Font Awesome CDN embed code (optional)


Pneumatic is licensed under the MIT License.


Minimalistic, responsive Pelican theme.








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