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New Features:

  • Updated iddarea.json and 'phoneloc.json' which are used in PhoneNumber information and wrote a script file to automatically generate it.
  • Added LocaleMatch.getLikelyLocaleMinimal() method which returns the same thing as the getLikelyLocale method but without the script part of the locale specifier if it has a very common/default value
    • For languages such as Chinese which are commonly written in multiple scripts, the script is always given
    • For languages that are written in multiple scripts, but where one is dominant, the script is only included when it is not the default/dominant one
    • Most languages are only ever written in one script, so the script is left out
  • Updated the script info to UCD 12.0.0, and the likely locale info to CLDR 35.1

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed unit test failures which occur on QT 5.12
  • Fixed problem where two resource bundle files with the same name and same locale but loaded from different directories were cached in the same place.
    • Introduced the new "basePath" property to ResBundle constructor to specify which directory
      to load the resource bundle from. This property is used to differentiate files loaded from
      different directories.
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