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VSH Patcher


This will patch any vsh.self to allow the PSN connection !

How to use

  • Extract VSH Patcher + the Tools folder somewhere.
  • Run a FTP server on ps3 (example multiman / rebug toolbox) and go here dev_flash/vsh/module/vsh.self
  • Copy the vsh.self somewhere on your computer. (For any problems, take it via dev_blind/dev_rebug)
  • Run the VSH Patcher, select your vsh.self in the application and click on the button Patch
  • If it's working a message will be displayed with the location of the new file called vsh.self, the vsh_patched.elf is the format non-crypted patched.
  • Now you need to write into the flash dir but you can't, you need to mount it, with multiman (find an option to mount flash as dev_blind) or via rebug toolbox (dev_rebug) and you don't see these folders, on FileZilla press F5 that refresh everything.
  • Go here dev_blind/vsh/module/ (or dev_rebug/vsh/module/) and move the vsh.self patched by the program in the list, FileZilla will ask you to replace it, select Yes!
  • Once replaced, restart your console, and connect on the PSN.

Available on & (French)

How to build

  • Extract the src folder and use the .csproj file


  • The PS3ITA Team
  • Naehrwert
  • HeAd