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Books about Nodejs, Angular2, Agile, Clean Code, Docker, Golang, Microservices, REST, TDD, BDD, and Startups.

Table of contents

topic book
agile-software-development Agile Estimating and Planning.pdf
agile-software-development Art of Agile Development.pdf
agile-software-development Continuous Delivery.pdf
angular2 Become Ninja Angular2.pdf
angular2 Angular 2 Test Driven Development 2nd.pdf
apis Designing Evolvable Web APIs with ASP.NET.pdf
concurrency Java Concurrency in Practice.pdf
concurrency Concurrent Programming on Windows.pdf
concurrency Pro Asynchronous Programming with .NET.pdf
dev-ops/docker-swarm Devops 2.1 Toolkit Deploying Monitoring.pdf
dev-ops/docker Api Driven DevOps.pdf
dev-ops/docker DevOps 2.0 Toolkit.pdf
dev-ops/docker Docker Bootcamp.pdf
dev-ops/docker Docker Cookbook Solutions Examples.pdf
dev-ops/docker Docker In Action.pdf
dev-ops/docker Docker in Practice.pdf
dev-ops/docker Docker Orchestration.pdf
dev-ops/docker Native Docker Clustering Swarm.pdf
dev-ops/docker Pro Docker.pdf
dev-ops/docker The Docker and Container Ecosystem.pdf
dev-ops/docker The Docker-book.pdf
dev-ops/docker Using Docker.pdf
dev-ops/jenkins Jenkins The Definitive Guide.pdf
dev-ops/jenkins Learning Continuous Integration Jenkins.epub
dev-ops/jenkins Pro Continuous Delivery Jenkins 2.pdf
dev-ops/k8s Deploying and scaling Kubernetes with Rancher.pdf
dev-ops/k8s DevOps Kubernetes.pdf
dev-ops/k8s Getting Started kubernetes 2nd.pdf
dev-ops/k8s Kubernetes Patterns.pdf
dev-ops/k8s Kubernetes Microservices with Docker.pdf
dev-ops/k8s Kubernetes Up & Running
dev-ops/k8s Mastering kubernetes.pdf
dev-ops/terraform Terraform Up and Running.pdf
dev-ops/terraform Getting Started Terraform 2nd.epub
dev-ops/terraform Infrastructure as code IAC Cookbook.pdf
elasticsearch Elasticsearch.pdf
express Express in Action.pdf
express Mastering Web Application Development with Express.pdf
express RESTful Web API Design with Node.js.pdf
express Learning Single-page Web Application Development.pdf
express Web Development with Node and Express.pdf
express Pro Express.js.pdf
express Beginning Amazon Web Services with Node.js.pdf
express Pro REST API Development with Node.js.pdf
git proGit.pdf
golang Aanti Text Book Go.pdf
golang Go Building Web Applications.pdf
golang Go Design Patterns.pdf
golang Go In Action.pdf
golang Go In Practice.pdf
golang Go Programming Blueprints 2nd.pdf
golang Go Recipes.pdf
golang Go Web Programming.pdf
golang Go.pdf
golang Introducing Go.pdf
golang The Go Programming Language.pdf
java-script Data Structures and Algorithms.pdf
java-script Effective JavaScript.pdf
java-script Expert JavaScript.pdf
java-script JavaScript The Good Parts.pdf
java-script Third Party JavaScript.pdf
linux Linux Pocket.pdf
linux Linux Bible.pdf
machine learning introduction-machine-learning-python.pdf
microservices microservices-building-scalable-software.pdf
microservices developing-microservices-node-js.pdf
microservices building-microservices-designing-fine-grained-systems.pdf
microservices microservices-from-day-one.pdf
microservices mesos-in-action.pdf
microservices microservices-deployment-cookbook.pdf
microservices microservices-docker-microsoft-azure.pdf
microservices devops-web-development.pdf
microservices building-microservices-go.epub
microservices advanced-microservices.pdf
microservices microservices-flexible-software-architecture.pdf
nodejs Node.js Design Patterns.pdf
nodejs Practical Node.js.pdf
nodejs Using Node.js for UI Testing.pdf
nodejs Professional Node.js.pdf
nodejs Node- Up and Running.pdf
nodejs Node.js the Right Way.pdf
nodejs Node.js Recipes.pdf
nodejs Pro Node.js for Developers.pdf
nodejs Node.js By Example.pdf
react Pro React.pdf
rest RESTful Web APIs.pdf
rest RESTful_Web_Services.pdf
rest rest-advanced-research-topics-and-practical-applications.pdf
rest RESTful Java Web Services Security.pdf
rest RESTful Web Services with Dropwizard.pdf
rest build-apis-you-wont-hate.pdf
rest OReilly.REST.API.Design.Rulebook.Oct.2011.ISBN.1449310508.pdf
rest service_design_patterns.pdf
rest HAL.pdf
rest RESTful Java Patterns and Best Practices.pdf
rest RESTful Java with JAX-RS 2.0, 2nd Edition.pdf
startups the-lean-mindset-ask-the-right-questions.pdf
startups UX for Leaan Startups.pdf
startups Lean Customer Development.pdf
startups steve_jobs_walter_isaacson.pdf
startups Lean Enterprise.pdf
startups FRIED_Jason_-_Rework.pdf
startups running-lean-iterate-from-plan-a-to-a-plan-that-works-lean-series.pdf
startups university-startups-and-spin-offs-guide-for-entrepreneurs-in-academia.pdf
startups Hackers and Painters.pdf
startups ELS2015.pdf
startups The Startup Owner s Manual_ The Step-by-Step Guide for Building a Great Company - Blank, Steve.pdf
startups Eric Ries - The Lean Startup.pdf
startups gocrosscampus
startups Lean UX.pdf
startups zero-one.pdf
startups entrepreneur revolution.pdf
startups why-startups-fail-and-how-yours-can-succeed.pdf
software-development Beautiful Code.pdf
software-development Refactoring Improving the Design of Existing Code.pdf
software-development clean-coder-conduct-professional-programmers.pdf
software-development Code Complete.pdf
software-development Implementing.DDD.epub
software-development domain-driven-design-distilled.pdf
software-development Clean Code.pdf
software-development The Pragmatic Programmer.pdf
tdd + bdd Design Driven Testing.pdf
tdd + bdd the-art-of-unit-testing.pdf
tdd + bdd BDD.pdf
tdd + bdd scala-test-driven-development.pdf
tdd + bdd Test Driven.pdf
tdd + bdd bdd-in-action.pdf
tdd + bdd quality-code-software-testing-principles-practices-and-patterns.pdf
tdd + bdd Test-Driven JavaScript Development.pdf
tdd + bdd Test-Driven JavaScript Development 2.pdf
tdd + bdd developer-testing.pdf
tdd + bdd tdd-ebook-sample.pdf
vim+tmux tmux-taster-2014.pdf
vim+tmux pro-vim-2014.pdf