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First product from the BackSynth Boys.
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SynthPro is a modular anolgic synthesizer simulator.


GNU/Linux executable: SynthPro.tar.gz

Mac OS X executable: SynthPro.dmg

Source code documentation Doxygen.: source-doc.tar.gz

Sources (final version : 02/25/10) : source.tar.gz

Reports and User Manual :

UML Diagrams

PicasaWeb (outdated)


Here is a quick guide to deploy a standalone version of SynthPro for each platform.


After the compilation of the application (into a .app bundle), use the tool provided with Qt, macdeployqt, to make it a standalone bundle (it will integrate Qt binaries in your bundle).

$ macdeployqt bin/

You can use the -dmg flag to create a .dmg archive containing the bundle.

On X11 platforms (GNU/Linux, BSDs…)

After the compilation (32-bit, as the libraries in lib/ are 32-bit), create an archive (.tar.gz for instance) containing bin/, lib/ and

It is recommended to add a README file to explain to users that the launching file is (and not directly bin/SynthPro).

On Windows

TODO (maybe)


How to add Tests

After designing a new class, unit and functional tests MUST be written. To do so,

  • Open the SynthProTest project;
  • Add your class (and its dependencies) to the .pro file;
  • Write a test class accordingly (see TestInPort for an example);
  • Include the execution of this class in test.cpp (see test.cpp for examples).

How to execute Tests

To execute the test cases, just run the SynthProTest project…

Coding Style

Pre-Commit Hook Installation

To install the pre-commit hook for git, copy the check-style/pre-commit.hook file to .git/hooks/pre-commit, like this:

$ cp check-style/pre-commit.hook .git/hooks/pre-commit

If you want to skip the style checking (when it's inevitable…) use --no-verify at commit:

$ git commit --no-verify -m "Commit message"

Use this only when you can't do otherwise!

Using Astyle

If you have astyle installed, you can "enhance" your code using the following command:

$ astyle -s4 -u -Y -M70 -f -p -k1 -H -U -O -n -Q -z2 src/**/*.cpp src/**/*.h

It follows our coding guideline, and may ease the style checking…

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