A collection of useful Facebook add-ons for BotBuilder.
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BotBuilder Facebook Extension

A collection of useful Facebook add-ons for the Bot Builder SDK (NodeJS). This extension makes it easier to use specific Facebook Messenger Platform features inside your Microsoft Bot Framework project.


User Profile API

The User Profile API lets your bot get more information about the user and personalize their experience. The middleware automatically retrieves the User Profile data and stores it before the bot his first reply.

Callbacks (referrals, optins & postbacks)

Facebook uses referrals, optins and postbacks to send a custom payload to your chatbot. We can use the payload of this callback to trigger a specific dialog without having to start a textchat first. With the CallbackRecognizer you are able to map a dialog to a specific callback or to process the payload data.

Contribute contributions welcome

Currently only the BotBuilder NodeJS SDK is supported. Pull requests for C# support are welcome!