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The new GCU-Squad! freak

GCUio is meant to expose GCU-Squad! IRC channel publicly, on the web.
It consists of:

  • An IRC bot, whose duty is to dump IRC data to an Elasticsearch database
  • A simple web server written with Flask who responds to JavaScript queries by fetching data in the ElasticSearch database
  • A GUI written with BootStrap and JQuery

Interact with GCUio

Apart from the web interface, which is self explanatory, GCUio can be queried using REST-like URIs, and will reply using JSON:

Obtain latest IRC entries:

$ curl ''

Obtain latest posted URL:

$ curl ''

Search for latest comments made by nickname foo:

$ curl ''

Search for latest comments by bar with the nsfw tag:

$ curl ''

Search for lines containing curl from and to certain dates:

$ curl ''

The following filters are available:

rqueries = {
    'n': 'nick:',
    't': 'tags:',
    'l': 'line:',
    'u': 'urls:',
    'date': 'date:',
    'from': 'date:>',
    'to': 'date:<'