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iMoneza WordPress Plugin

Integrate your site with your iMoneza account and begin monetizing your content.


iMoneza is a digital micro-transaction paywall service. This WordPress plugin allows you to quickly and easily integrate iMoneza with your site. It will add iMoneza's paywall to your site and allow you to manage your iMoneza resources from within WordPress. Please note - an iMoneza account is required.

Visit for more information about iMoneza.


  1. Set up an iMoneza account, create an iMoneza property, and generate a set of API keys.
  2. Visit the latest release link and download
  3. Upload through the plugins installer in WordPress
  4. Activate the plugin through the 'Plugins' menu in WordPress.
  5. Follow setup wizard.

Frequently Asked Questions

What version of PHP is required?


Developer Notes

If you see a need, please put in a ticket. Or better yet, fork this and submit your own pull request.


If you need to work against test or qa, please visit the slug of imoneza-config, a hidden menu item.

Release Methodology

  1. Merge all changes back into master.
  2. Pick the new release number
  3. Change the plugin header to the new release number
  4. Create a new tag with that new release number locally and push to remote.
  5. Create a file using git archive of the project
  6. Go to GitHub and create a Release from the tag, attach the file and put changelog items in the release notes.