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We welcome all improvements, contributions to this project. Whether you are an XMPP enthusiast, server maintainer or web developer, you can always add something of value to this project.

Add or update instructions for passing tests for a server

Write appropriate instructions, by editing caas-web/src/main/resources/help/server_name/, or create if missing. If you are adding a new server, go to caas-web/src/test/java/im/conversations/compliance/ and add a test to check if valid helps exist for your server.

Writing new tests or modifying existing ones

We use Babbler XMPP library for all our XMPP related tasks. You can read its documentation to get started. Tests are stored in caas-app/src/main/java/im/conversations/compliance/xmpp/tests/ Or you can alternatively just modify the annotations for tests if the metadata of test is incorrect. Note: You MUST NOT change the short_name of an existing test.

Adding a new feature to the website

We use Spark web framework and Freemarker Template engine for the website. You can find all the HTML/CSS/JS in caas-web/src/main/resources

Have a fun time hacking :)