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Textmetrics plugin for Kentico CMS 12
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Textmetrics is the easiest way to create high quality content that is found and converts. With the Content Quality analysis you will make sure that your content matches your target audience, in terms of readability, tone of voice, credibility and sentiment. With the SEO optimization suggestions you’ll make sure your content is SEO friendly.


Install Textmetrics.Kentico NuGet package for Kentico CMS:

Install-Package Textmetrics.Kentico

Build and run Kentico CMS Admin.

Follow the following steps to install the plugin resources:

  1. Go to the Sites Application
  2. Click Import site or objects.
  3. Click Upload package.
  4. Choose the file under ~/App_Data/CMSModules/Textmetrics.Kentico/Install/.
  5. After uploading the new package, be sure to SELECT THE PACKAGE you uploaded, then click Next.

If the Import progress log reads, “Import has successfully finished”, the Plugin has been installed. Click Finish.

Click the refresh button or click F5.


Open the following settings in Settings > Textmetrics section and fill in your Textmetrics API Key. Other settings can be changed as well, if needed: Textmetrics_plugin settings


This NuGet package is compatible with Kentico 12, any Hotfix.


Found a bug? Please contact us at

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