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@teckel12 teckel12 released this Jun 29, 2019 · 2 commits to master since this release

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  • Uses "flat earth" algebra for faster orientation/distance calculation
  • Crossfire on Horus: Option for flight path vector indicator
  • Crossfire: Resolved default orientation bug
  • Horus: Nice 15% speedup
  • Horus: Show satellite and HDOP (on S.Port) on config menu
  • Horus: Changes to the config menu controls
  • Horus: Trim 6 can be used while flying to switch between launch and compass-based orientation
  • Horus: Added alternative location for speed and altitude units when certain options are enabled
  • Horus: Distance value in radar always shows current distance (doesn't change when min/max is being viewed)
  • Crossfire: Show total current drawn after flight when min/max is selected even if fuel % is usually shown
  • Crossfire: Slightly better audio messages when exiting RTH
  • Moved some things around and made a few functions to reduce memory usage
  • Simplified things by using getRSSI() for both S.Port and Crossfire
  • X9D: Altitude graph inverted so altitude values are grey and minute markers are dotted black
  • Added automatic development mode for testing


Special thanks to Jumper for donating a Jumper T16 transmitter to help develop this release. INAV Lua Telemetry is now fully compatible with the Jumper T16. I flew quite a few times with the Jumper T16 and for the price it's hard to beat. It's easy to see why this transmitter is causing a storm in the RC community.

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