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Change Log

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Release History

v1.7.1 - 06/29/2019

  • Uses "flat earth" algebra for faster orientation/distance calculation
  • Crossfire on Horus: Option for flight path vector indicator
  • Crossfire: Resolved default orientation bug
  • Horus: Nice 15% speedup
  • Horus: Show satellite and HDOP (on S.Port) on config menu
  • Horus: Changes to the config menu controls
  • Horus: Trim 6 can be used while flying to switch between launch and compass-based orientation
  • Horus: Added alternative location for speed and altitude units when certain options are enabled
  • Horus: Distance value in radar always shows current distance (doesn't change when min/max is being viewed)
  • Crossfire: Show total current drawn after flight when min/max is selected even if fuel % is usually shown
  • Crossfire: Slightly better audio messages when exiting RTH
  • Moved some things around and made a few functions to reduce memory usage
  • Simplified things by using getRSSI() for both S.Port and Crossfire
  • X9D: Altitude graph inverted so altitude values are grey and minute markers are dotted black
  • Added automatic development mode for testing

v1.7.0 - 06/03/2019

  • Logs altitude graph in background so changing views doesn't halt altitude graph
  • Refactored config options which saved a ton of memory
  • Total rewrite of artificial horizon and pitch ladder, faster and better looking
  • Horus: Optional roll indicator at top of attitude indicator
  • Horus: 5 different aircraft symbols on attitude indicator (preview in config menu)
  • Added support for Jumper T16 transmitter (operates just like Horus)
  • Resolved bug that caused RSSI to always show 99dB on pilot, radar and altitude views
  • Resolved bug that caused low voltage voice warning to occur too often if voltage was erratic
  • Horus: Resolved bug which caused disabled message to appear
  • Report when GPS lock is lost, not sure when this was mistakenly removed
  • Style changes to variometer on Horus and on Taranis pilot, map, and altitude views
  • Q X7: Cleaned up distance, altitude and GPS coordinate data below altitude graph

v1.6.1 - 03/29/2019

  • Added new option for altitude graph (additional view on Taranis / map overlay on Horus)
  • Config option to set max cell voltage for calculating cell count (primary use: LiHV batteries)
  • Horus: Fix display bug that caused disabled error
  • Horus: Further optimized view for faster rendering
  • Crossfire: Better fuel percentage estimation when battery isn't full
  • Update language files for new config menu options

v1.6.0 - 01/21/2019

  • Adds Crossfire support (requires INAV v2.1.0 or later)
  • Horus: Enhanced display speed (up to 40% faster)
  • Horus: Script variables initialize on flight/telemetry reset
  • Compatible with Betaflight using FrSky X or R9 series receivers (with reduced functionality) and TBS Crossfire support with Betaflight 4.0+

v1.5.1 - 01/04/2019

  • Fixed draw error and HDOP graph on Q X7
  • Fixed setting View Mode and GPS HDOP View on Taranis
  • Restore color options fixed on Horus widget
  • Warning message when not a full-screen widget on Horus
  • Changed Horus widget option names to fit within 10 character limit

v1.5.0 - 12/29/2018

  • Added support for Horus transmitters
  • Updated Spanish voice files
  • Fixed km/h in radar view

v1.4.3 - 11/13/2018

  • Added French language voice files, modes and config menu (thanks @d00bld0ze)
  • Added Spanish language voice files, modes and config menu (thanks @fmartinezo)
  • Instead of a single configuration shared by all models, it now uses a unique configuration for each model (be sure folder \SCRIPTS\TELEMETRY\iNav\cfg exists on the transmitter's SD card)
  • Radar view UI tweaks
  • Pitch added to QX7 display on radar view
  • Heading hold indicator consistent for all views
  • Better cell voltage value based on A4 sensor
  • Better rounding for pitch and avoids ugly -0°
  • Consolidated several complex routines into shared functions
  • Uses Travis ci for pull request testing and future unit tests

v1.4.2 - 09/28/2018

  • New radar view shows model in relationship to home position, can be displayed either as launch/pilot-based or compass-based orientation
  • Added German language voice files, modes and config menu (thanks @Peschi90). Other language submissions encouraged!
  • New feature gives feedback when altitude hold is activated and throttle position is in neutral hover position (vibrate when entering neutral hover position and beep when exiting)
  • Cycle through views by short-pressing Enter
  • Config menu now works with X9E transmitter
  • Resolve battery warnings when no current sensor is present
  • Refactored to speed up script (uses a bit more memory as a result however)
  • Created build script for Companion (should keep all files in sync)

v1.4.1 - 08/25/2018

  • Min/max values after flight added to pilot view
  • For speed reasons, background and widget scripts moved back to core script, something in OpenTX 2.2.2 caused a great slow-down when loading scripts

v1.4.0 - 08/21/2018

  • Pilot view (glass cockpit) which includes attitude indicator as well as pilot-familiar layout of additional data
  • Shows GPS fix accuracy (HDOP) as strength indicator graph or decimal value (required INAV 2.0.0)
  • You can customize when weak GPS fix accuracy (HDOP) triggers alert
  • Allows speed sensor selection between GPS speed or pitot sensor's air speed (if available)
  • GPS coordinates and altitude are displayed before launch even if there's no GPS fix
  • Fuel can report mAh or mWh used instead of percent fuel remaining (percent highly suggested for fuel level alerts)
  • The setup, config menu and views loads as separate scripts, greatly reducing memory used
  • Variometer graph now correctly uses vertical speed as source instead of Z-axis accelerometer
  • Config option under Variometer to also report altitude as voice notifications
  • X9D display now uses gray when appropriate to enhance view clarity
  • Disable config setting (and set to default) if sensor isn't present
  • Config menu wraps from top to bottom (and vice versa) to more easily locate desired config option, also remembers last menu option
  • Config menu supports button hold-repeat on X9D and X9D+ to make changes easier
  • Config menu fuel percentage warning and critical changed to 1% steps to increase flexibility
  • Only shows the last good GPS coordinates instead of the last 5 to reduce complexity (didn't provide more useful info either)
  • Removed getLastPos() function dependency which is faster, cleans up code and could allow Horus support
  • Fixed an issue with "NO TELEM" and "THR WARN" being displayed incorrectly
  • Cleaned up readme, broke up into Wiki pages

v1.3.1 - 05/29/2018

  • Support added for the X-Lite transmitter (requires OpenTX v2.2.2)
  • Option to set the low and critical warning level for fuel percentage remaining
  • Option to display the transmitter voltage as a graph and/or the numerical value
  • Modified how battery cell count is calculated
  • Can now set cell critical voltage to as low as 2.6v to support 18650 batteries
  • Slightly adjusted display positioning to show greater GPS accuracy on QX7 and X-Lite transmitters

v1.3.0 - 05/13/2018

  • Compatibility with new F.Port protocol (requires INAV v1.9.1+)
  • Support added for D-series receivers with telemetry (requires INAV v2.0+)
  • Option to show GPS coordinates as degrees and minutes or in geocoding format instead of the previous decimal only
  • Shows THR WARN if not okay to fly and throttle isn't at minimum position
  • If distance sensor name is the default 0420, the max distance now displays correctly
  • Updated data digits to display before truncating unit of measure

v1.2.5 - 04/28/2018

  • Uses GPS for launch-based altitude if barometer isn't present
  • No longer requires 0420 sensor to be renamed Dist
  • Better error handling, specially if iNav folder doesn't exist
  • Renamed PASSTHRU mode MANUAL and add audio file for manual mode
  • Correct altitude unit designation in configuration when barometer isn't present
  • Adjustment to data display for min/max indicator

v1.2.4 - 04/17/2018

  • Satellite and altitude hold are now icons
  • Added flashing notification for headfree mode on QX7 (already existed on X9D)
  • Smarter unit designation resulting in a cleaner display (ft = ', MPH & km/h)

v1.2.3 - 12/19/2017

  • Logs the last 5 unique GPS coordinates
  • Updated readme screenshots to show variometer
  • Release history is now here instead of in readme file

v1.2.2 - 12/09/2017

  • Last 5 GPS coordinates can be reviewed from the config menu
  • Resolved issue where if telemetry was lost/recovered it would incorrectly give voice alerts for flight modes/engines armed/disarmed
  • Config menu can be accessed at any time, even when armed

v1.2.1 - 12/01/2017

  • Lots of new/changed config settings (press Menu button to access) - Please review!
  • Enhanced and cleaned up config menu, centered menu on QX7 & X9D/+
  • Variometer shows if model is gaining or decreasing altitude
  • Cell voltage battery view shows with two digits of precision
  • Added S (South) to X9D/+ directional display

v1.2.0 - 11/18/2017

  • Lua Telemetry is now pre-compiled to greatly reduce memory (source still available)
  • Press Menu button (when not armed) to modify user configuration options
  • Fixed FAILSAFE, RTH, NOT OK & NO TELEM modes to flash as they should
  • Barometer and magnetometer are now optional (but suggested for full functionality)
  • Headfree indication on QX7 changed to show directional indicators as dotted lines
  • Startup message/version and error if not running OpenTX v2.2.0 or later

v1.1.7 - 11/02/2017

  • Fix for the default unit type of the Dist (0420) sensor

v1.1.6 - 11/01/2017

  • On home reset, reset GPS home position, orientation and distance
  • Option to display average battery cell voltage instead of total voltage
  • Extra digit for data on X9D & X9D+ transmitters
  • Variable cleanup saving memory

v1.1.5 - 10/20/2017

  • Voice notification for Home Reset with INAV v1.8+
  • Moved head free warning on QX7 to top center
  • Values convert from decimal to integer when larger to allow for more room
  • Better text centering and right justification technique
  • Cleaned up code saving more memory

v1.1.4 - 10/13/2017

  • More accurate max altitude alerts and altitude flashes when above max altitude
  • Long-press resets values (suggest doing this between flights before armed)

v1.1.3 - 10/10/2017

  • Shows metric or imperial values based on transmitter telemetry settings

v1.1.2 - 10/06/2017

  • Lots of refactoring which greatly reduced memory usage
  • Re-enabled altitude bar gauge for X9D, X9D+ & X9E transmitters
  • Better information layout if no current sensor is present
  • Refactored GPS lock calculation to prevent script syntax errors

v1.1.1 - 09/28/2017

  • Refactored code to reduce memory
  • Removed altitude bar gauge for X9D, X9D+ & X9E transmitters (used too much memory?)

v1.1.0 - 09/22/2017

  • Repository moved to INAVFlight
  • Screen formatting for Taranis X9D, X9D+ & X9E

v1.0.0 - 09/19/2017

  • Initial release
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