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Configuration Settings

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Press the Menu button (Shift on X-Lite) to display the configuration options menu:

  • Use the dial or +/- buttons to cycle through the menu or select the desired setting
  • Press Enter/dial to select and deselect a menu option
  • Press Exit or RTN to deselect a menu option or escape the configuration menu


  • Must be unarmed to access the config menu when running as a Horus widget
  • Use the following (mode 2) stick controls to navigate the config menu:


Configuration menu options


Options without selections have either been disabled by another option setting or are not available on your transmitter or telemetry protocol.

  • Battery View - Total battery voltage / Cell voltage average (default: Total)
  • Battery Alert - All battery alerts on, off or only critical alerts (default: All)
  • Cell Low - Cell voltage for low battery warning (default: 3.5V) [help]
  • Cell Critical - Cell voltage for battery critical warning (default: 3.4V) [help]
  • Cell Calculation - Voltage to calculate cell count, 4.3V for LiPo, 4.4V for LiHV (default: 4.3V)
  • Fuel Unit - Match to INAV CLI value smartport_fuel_unit (default: Percent) [help]
  • Battery Capacity - Set the battery capacity for Crossfire (default: 1500mAh)
  • Fuel Low - Fuel percentage for low battery warning (default: 30%) [help]
  • Fuel Critical - Fuel percentage for battery critical warning (default: 20%) [help]
  • Altitude Alert - Turn on/off the altitude alert (default: On)
  • Max Altitude - Altitude warning starts when over this value (default: 400' or 120m)
  • Timer - Show the automatic flight timer, timer1, timer2 or turn timer off (default: Auto)
  • Tx Voltage - Show transmitter voltage as graph and/or numerical value (default: Both or Graph)
  • Rx Voltage - Turn on/off the receiver voltage in the title (default: On)
  • Variometer - Vertical speed graph, voice notifications or off (default: Off)
  • Vario Steps - If Variometer is set to Voice, select the altitude steps (default: 10' or 10m)
  • Altitude Graph - Turn off or set altitude graph time period from 1-6 minutes (default: Off)
  • Voice Alerts - All voice alerts on, off or only critical alerts (default: All)
  • Feedback - Turn beeper and/or haptic feedback for alerts on or off (default: All)
  • RTH Feedback - Return to home beeper and haptic feedback on or off (default: On)
  • HeadFree Feedback - Head free beeper and haptic feedback on or off (default: On)
  • RSSI Feedback - RSSI beeper and haptic feedback on or off (default: On)
  • AltHold Center FB - Hepatic/audio feedback for Alt Hold center throttle position (default: Off)
  • Speed Sensor - Speed sensor to use, GPS or (if available) Pitot air speed (default: GPS)
  • View Mode - Classic, pilot, radar or altitude graph view modes (default: Classic)
  • Roll Indicator - Turn on/off roll indicator on Horus (default: Off)
  • Aircraft Symbol - Options 0 - 5 on Horus, see below for options (default: 0)
  • HUD Home Icon - Select HUD or simple orientation for home icon on Horus (default: Off)
  • Center Map Home - Turn on/off centering of the radar home position on Horus (default: Off)
  • Orientation - Launch/pilot-based or compass-based default orientation (default: Launch)
  • GPS HDOP View - View the GPS accuracy (HDOP) as a Graph or Decimal (default: Graph)
  • GPS Warning - GPS accuracy (HDOP) to trigger warning (default: > 3.5 HDOP [at least 1 bar])
  • GPS - GPS coordinates as decimal or degrees/minutes format (default: Decimal)
  • Playback Log - Playback telemetry log files (latest 5 logs from the last 2 weeks) [help]

Horus aircraft symbol options


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