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Note: To upgrade from a previous version, see the (much shorter) upgrade instructions

Don't be too concerned about the length of these instructions. The first two sections are about setting up telemetry in INAV and your transmitter, which for most is already completed. Also, the instructions are for multiple transmitters, telemetry protocols and I've tried to be very descriptive so even a novice could follow along. Therefore, it's a bit verbose but proceeds quickly, I promise.

INAV Configurator Telemetry Setup

  1. Setup SmartPort(S.Port), F.Port, D-series, or Crossfire telemetry to send to your transmitter: INAV telemetry docs
  2. FrSky receivers (skip for TBS Crossfire):
    1. If you have an current sensor, in CLI settings set battery_capacity to the mAh you want to draw from your battery
    2. Set the fuel unit to output the percent:
      • If running INAV v1.9.0+: set smartport_fuel_unit = PERCENT in CLI settings
      • If running INAV previous to v1.9.0: set smartport_fuel_percent = ON in CLI settings
    3. If using pilot or radar view and INAV v2.0.0+, set frsky_pitch_roll = ON in CLI settings for accurate attitude display and pitch angle

Add Telemetry Sensors to Transmitter

  1. With battery connected and after GPS fix discover telemetry sensors so all telemetry sensors are discovered
  2. FrSky receivers (skip for TBS Crossfire):
    1. Telemetry distance sensor name 0420 (or 0007 with D-series receivers) should be changed to Dist and set to the desired unit: m or ft
    2. The sensors Dist, Alt, GAlt and Gspd can be changed to the desired unit: m or ft / kmh or mph
    3. If you set frsky_pitch_roll = ON on INAV v2.0.0+ (which I suggest) you can optionally change the following for clarification:
      • Telemetry sensor 0430 (or 0008 with D-series receivers) can be changed to Ptch
      • Telemetry sensor 0440 (or 0020 with D-series receivers) can be changed to Roll
    4. Don't change Tmp1 or Tmp2 from Celsius to Fahrenheit! They're not temps (used for flight modes and GPS info)

Install/Setup Lua Telemetry on Transmitter

  1. Be sure the OpenTX/JumperTX firmware on your transmitter includes the luac build option
  2. Download the latest file (Note: NOT the source code)
  3. Copy the contents of the ZIP file (SCRIPTS and WIDGETS folders) to the transmitter's SD card's root
    • Taranis:
      1. In model setup, page to DISPLAY
      2. Set desired screen to Script
      3. Select iNav
    • Horus/Jumper T16:
      1. Long-press TELE to access the user interface/views layout
      2. Select the desired view (or create a new one)
      3. Make Layout full screen, turn off Top bar and Sliders+Trims
      4. Select Setup widgets
      5. Press Enter till a menu appears and select Select widget
      6. Scroll to the iNav widget and press Enter
      7. Optionally (while still selecting the iNAV script), long-press Enter, select Widget settings where you can enable Restore (to restore your theme's colors) and set your theme's Text color and Warning color
  4. Press EXIT or RTN several times to exit

Running Lua Telemetry

  • Taranis:
    1. From the main screen on your transmitter, long-press Page (down d-pad on X-Lite)
    2. If Lua Telemetry isn't on your first page, short-press Page to the Lua Telemetry screen
  • Horus/Jumper T16:
    1. From the main screen on your transmitter, press PgUp/Dn to the Lua Telemetry view
  • Screen Description
  • Configuration Settings
  • Tips & Common Problems
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