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Screen Description

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Getting Started

  • From transmitter's main screen, long hold the Page button (down d-pad on X-Lite) to show custom screens, short press Page to the iNav screen
  • If you get a not enough memory error when starting Lua Telemetry, please see the Tips & Common Problems wiki

General Information

  • Flashing values indicate a warning (for example: no telemetry, battery low, altitude too high)
  • Beeping/vibration is associated with critical warnings and there will be an associated flashing value to indicate what the beep/vibration is a result of
  • The script gives voice feedback for flight modes, battery levels and warnings (no need to manually set this up)
  • Voice alerts will play in background even if iNav Lua Telemetry screen is not displayed
  • When not armed you can flip between max/min and current values by using the dial or +/- buttons
  • Short press Enter to quickly flip between the views

Classic View

sample sample

  • To flip between compass-based direction and launch/pilot-based orientation and location, use the dial or +/- buttons
  • The launch/pilot-based orientation view is useful if model orientation is unknown
  • If model is further than 25 feet away, the launch/pilot-based view will show the direction of the model based on launch/pilot position and orientation (useful to locate a lost model)

Pilot (Glass Cockpit) View


Radar (Map) View

sample   sample

  • To flip between compass-based and launch/pilot-based orientation and radar, use the dial or +/- buttons
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