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Tips & Common Problems

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Common Taranis Errors

  • Script syntax error
  • attempt to call a nil value
  • Script panic not enough memory
  • Script syntax error not enough memory


  • Be sure you're following the Install/Setup Lua Telemetry on Transmitter instructions
  • Be sure the OpenTX/JumperTX firmware on your transmitter includes the luac build option
  • If you're still getting the above errors, it's probably due to a lack of memory available on your transmitter (very common on Taranis). You can free up memory by removing other Lua Scripts from other screens, deleting unused models or turning off OpenTX firmware build options. Be sure to reboot your controller to free up memory after making a change.

NOTE: If trying to run Betaflight Tx lua script for VTx control, you can't run Betaflight Tx lua script and Lua Telemetry at the same time. Instead, change VTx settings by using the OSD menu

Common Horus Errors

  • disabled error on widget
  • refresh(): ?:0: attempt to compare number with nil



  • If you have any issues, first make sure you're using the release version 2.2.2+ of OpenTX. There's some bugs in pre-release and release candidate versions that cause Lua Telemetry to crash
  • Between flights (before armed), long-press Enter/dial and select Reset telemetry to reset telemetry values
  • If current sensor isn't present or battery isn't fully charged when plugged in, fuel gauge will be based on battery voltage
  • If fuel gauge isn't shown or accurate, be sure you've set CLI values smartport_fuel_unit = percent and battery_capacity correctly. Also, current sensor settings in the configurator need to be calibrated for proper amperage and fuel % data (not applicable to Crossfire)
  • If using pilot or radar view, INAV v2.0.0+, and FrSky telemetry, set frsky_pitch_roll = ON in CLI settings and search for new telemetry sensors for accurate attitude display and pitch angle (not applicable to Crossfire)
  • Lua Telemetry uses transmitter settings for RSSI warning/critical levels for bar gauge range and audio/haptic warnings
  • Lua Telemetry uses transmitter settings for transmitter voltage min/max for battery bar gauge in screen title
  • If you change a telemetry sensor's unit (for example m to ft), power cycle the transmitter to see changes
  • If config option Battery View is set to Total but average cell voltage is displayed, send INAV CLI command: set report_cell_voltage = OFF
  • When GPS accuracy (HDOP) is displayed as a decimal, the range is 0.8 - 5.3 and it's rounded to the nearest 0.5 HDOP. This is due to HDOP being sent as a single integer from 0 to 9, not as the actual HDOP decimal value (not applicable to Crossfire)
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