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Upgrade to Development Build

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Please note: These instructions are for upgrading from a previous version of Lua Telemetry. If you haven't yet installed Lua Telemetry, you'll need to first do a full installation and then follow these instructions.

Typically, the development branch of Lua Telemetry is fairly bug free. For the most part, features are added and tested before merging to development. Current status of development branch:

Build Status

To upgrade to the development build, use the following instructions:

  1. Download
  2. Open or extract the file
  3. Open the LuaTelemetry-development folder and navigate to the dist folder
  4. Copy the contents of the dist folder (SCRIPTS and WIDGETS folders) to the transmitter's SD card's root

You'll also sometimes need the latest INAV build to go along with the development branch of Lua Telemetry. So it's also a good idea to upgrade INAV to the latest release. If there's ever an issue, you can roll back to the latest release by following the upgrade instructions.

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